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Train To Teach

Train to Teach Secondary

Secondary teaching will allow you to further develop the knowledge of your own chosen subject. Teaching the subject you love every day enables you to share your own passion and to inspire others.

You will spend the autumn and summer terms in your base school. This may well be the same school with whom you had your initial interview or a school nearby it. Your spring term will be spent within another one of our partner schools, usually within a different context, but always with a similar ethos.

Whilst you are training, you will spend four days a week at school. Every Wednesday will be spent either undertaking the academic element of the PGCE led by the University of Derby, or you will be at the CAT IoE, with your fellow trainees exploring the application of the theory behind those university led days during our Alliance Days.

Alliance Days, designed to complement the university sessions, are led by experienced teachers and focus on the core areas of teaching: behaviour management, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and professional behaviours. They provide an opportunity both to learn from experts and to reflect, and potentially adapt, your own practice as a result.

As part of your training year, you will work with your own tutor group as a co-tutor. You will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities and house events. You may also find yourself taking part in school trips or residential visits.

Working in a secondary school provides ample opportunities to progress through your professional career. You can choose to develop your leadership skills along either a pastoral or a curriculum route. Whatever you decide, we are able to support you throughout your career development. Life as a secondary teacher is challenging, rewarding, and you are shaping the futures of the next generation.