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Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) Courses

A SKE course is designed to build your confidence by refreshing or building on your existing subject knowledge before you become a teacher.

The courses are aimed at applicants with a conditional offer of a teacher training place with SKE as one of the conditions of acceptance.  This requirement will normally be discussed with you at your point of interview, but if you feel you need to enhance your existing knowledge, and it hasn’t been brought up, you can suggest it.  It demonstrates your commitment to further study of your subject to bring it up to the best standard it can be and willingness to go the extra mile to prepare yourself for your teacher training year.

We offer you a personalised experience.  Because we are not a one size fits all organisation, our courses are designed specifically around your needs.  We are flexible and can offer you both online and face to face experiences, whichever fits around your life.  Our courses are also delivered by existing teachers and are relevant to the ever-changing curriculum, so you will be taught by expert practitioners delivering your subject in the classroom on a daily basis.

Who can do a SKE?

In order to be eligible to undertake a SKE, applicants should have an A Level or equivalent in their specialist subject (grade C and upwards).  The subject you choose to teach should be the same as your SKE subject.  You should also have a degree.  Your degree does not necessarily have to be in the subject you want to teach if your A Level qualification matches your chosen specialism.  SKE applications are considered by the DfE on a case by case basis.  Applicants with a third class degree can still undertake a SKE, however, they will not be entitled to receive any bursary.

SKEs funded by the DfE are available in Chemistry, Computing, French, German, Maths, and Physics.  If you would like to enhance your subject knowledge in subjects that are not covered by the DfE bursary, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

The length of SKE you should undertake should be discussed with your provider and detailed in your conditional acceptance.  Below is a guide as to the length of SKE you might consider.

Length of SKE

Who is this for?

Short (8-12 weeks)

For those applicants who need to refresh their subject knowledge.

Medium (16-20 weeks)

For those applicants who have a related degree but need more help gaining the knowledge required for the subject they have chosen to teach.

Long (24-28 weeks)

For those applicants with an unrelated degree and an A Level in their chosen subject or has been more than 5 years since they completed their degree.




The SKE you choose should be your decision.  You should choose the one that is fit for your purpose.  Do your research and speak to several providers to get the best one for you.