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Networking Hubs and Specialist Groups

Networking Hubs and Specialist Groups

Developing Pedagogy thorough expert groups and professional networking Hubs

Using the expertise within our own trust is a vital part of school improvement.  We understand that a thriving, reflective and developing workforce leads to world-class achievement for the young people in our care.  We know that working together in a strong trust and with a strong network of partnerships will provide the best environment to enable this.

We have created a network of expert groups and networking hubs whose activities are based on school priorities that have been identified across our trust.  Joining an expert group or a network hub provides an opportunity to shape the future of our trust schools through collaborative, cross phase activities aimed at supporting school improvement, professional enrichment and professional growth. 

If you are interested in joining a networking hub or expert group, then please contact the lead of the group listed below.  However, if you are interested in leading a group or network, then please contact the appropriate Director.

Groups meet for an hour once per half-term. 

Expert Groups:  Director of Institute, Alexis Rickus, (

Networking Hubs: Director of Networks , Neil Coleman (

Dates for your Diary 2023/2024

Leaders' Meetings are 3-4pm and Group Meetings are 3.40-4.40pm

Expert and Network Groups



Group Meetings


20 Sept 23


22 Nov 23


17 Jan 24


6 Mar 24


15 May 24


3 July 24